Knitting in Public

On Saturday my husband and I met a fellow craft beer lover at Boylan Bridge Brewpub in Raleigh. Boylan has a wonderful view of downtown Raleigh with their large outdoor patio. We decided to sit inside so the guys could use the free wi-fi while working on a website.

While enjoying a pint of Bruno Bitter I knitted on my No. 33 cowl. When our server approached the table and noticed I was knitting she said “oh nice!”

Anytime I’m knitting in public people are usually intrigued. They either want to know what you’re knitting, ask if you’re knitting or crocheting (because they don’t know the difference) or if they’re an avid knitter, chat with you about anything knitting related. I rather enjoy the amazement of people. I especially enjoy when children are curious and ask lots of questions. It’s so easy to peak their interest.

So next time you’re heading out bring your knitting and inspire others to pick up knitting needles.


2 Replies to “Knitting in Public”

  1. Heh, I often knit in public and I’m always hoping someone would approach me about it :D So far no one has – maybe because I look so concentrated on what I’m doing. It would be nice to get to chat with other knitters in real life as well. Well anyway, knitting in public is fun :) I like your blog, I’ll be following it.

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