knitting while flying

My trip to San Francisco is just around the corner and I’m taking my knitting project(s) on the nine-hour flight (incl. layover) to keep myself entertained. It never occurred to me doing so would be permitted, especially after 9/11, but I saw a woman knitting on a flight back in 2006. If she could knit while flying so could I. The next time I traveled long distance I took my knitting. No idle hands on that flight or any future flight.

I just checked the TSA regulations and knitting and crochet needles ARE allowed. I wanted to be sure the regulations hadn’t changed. Nothing would be worse then having a TSA agent make me unravel my Head West Summit Shawl. Thankfully I will continue to make progress on the shawl.

I encourage you to keep yourselves entertained on your next flight and share your love of knitting with anyone who asks: What are you making?

Not into knitting? Check out these crafts on a plane ideas from The Sew Crafty Blog.


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