Navy Winter Hat

I decided my husband needed a new winter hat and what better yarn to use than a skein of navy Berroco Ultra Alpaca from our trip to Seattle. This hat was my first attempt at coming up with the pattern myself. The crown is a little too pointy for me. Next time I decide to make a hat, I’ll most likely knit more rounds before starting the decrease and pay more attention to the number of decrease rounds. The finished product fits my hubby so I’m happy.

Pattern Instructions

Yarn: 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca

Needle size: 6 and 7 circulars, and 7 dpns

Finished dimensions: 7.25″ wide X 9″

Using size 6 circular needles cast on 120 stitches. Join in the round and place a marker to note beginning of each round.

Row 1: K2, p2, repeat to end of round.

Repeat round till hat measures 1.5 inches.

Switch to size 7 circular needles at this time.

Row 2: K4, p4, repeat to end of round.

Repeat round till hat measures 6 inches.

Crown decrease: Keeping the original place marker (#1) one color, place three markers (#2-4) of a different color every 30 stitches. As you decrease, switch to dpns to finish crown.

Row 1: Slip #1 marker, *k2tog, follow established pattern until two stitches before next marker, k2tog, slip marker #2* repeat till end of round.

Row 2: Knit round.

Repeat decrease rows 1 and 2 until you have 11-13 stitches on each dpn.

Break yarn with a 10 inch tail. Using a tapestry needle, thread tail through stitches on dpns and secure with a knot or three. Weave end in.


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