2010 in the Rear View Mirror

With eyes looking ahead towards 2011, I can say 2010 has been quite the eventful and challenging year.

January and February were spent producing a massive advertising campaign that encompassed every hour of the day for me for weeks on end. I’m proud to say I was part of something larger than I’ve ever experienced before in advertising AND I’m so happy it’s over.

March was spent recovering from January and February, and performing in Caroline Williford’s “going, going…”, part of Choreo Collective’s Current Collection 2010.

April was spent doing twisties with a bunch of other crazy MINI drivers partaking in the 8th annual Mini’s On The Dragon. What a beautiful location!

May was full of birthdays, and my poor team driver/support of my husband’s teams’ completion/disqualification from The Doughman.

June was our second wedding anniversary. We spent a wonderful week of sun bathing, cooking fabulous dishes and partying with the locales on Ocracoke Island. Ummm, when are we moving there again? And I completed my third sprint triathlon. I managed to shave off 5 minutes during the bike portion by telling myself cycling is my strongest sport.

July was spent struggling through a very hot and humid 5K in Beaufort, NC. The best part of the Historic Beaufort Road Race was the iced down towel they handed out to race participants after they crossed the finish line. What a relief!

We spent August listening to Jack Johnson live with good friends, organizing yet another successful Bike 2 Beer Tour, and finalizing our travel plans to San Francisco and Seattle.

September can only be described with one word: AWESOME! We spent a week in glorious San Francisco (I’ll move there NOW if someone will supplement my income to cover living expenses). I can not begin to describe how wonderful our trip was other than to say it’s worth spending at least a week in one place so that you can get a good feel for the vibe. During our five days in Seattle, we had a great time visiting with my friends Kelly and Matt who traveled from Portland to visit with us on the first day there.

—Pause…the sweetest dog in the world is starring at me—

End of September/October we adopted Rocky The Dog, an adorable white boxer with tons of love in his heart for every single person who walks by. I also had a position at work land in my lap that would be less stress and hours, what could be better?

November my mom got sick and spent too many days to count in the hospital. At least we pushed the doctors to the point of identifying the cause of her sickness so we could all get some relief. In addition, I transferred my non-profit treasurer responsibilities, for which I had been a member of for over the past eight years, to a fellow member.

December so far has been somewhat wonderful. My mom spent more time in the hospital but fingers crossed all is better now (4 visits in the past 4 weeks, yikes!). As of today, I have just two more days of work then I’m off for the rest of the year. Whooooooo hooooooooo!

Hello 2011, I’m ready for you.


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