2011 Spring Yarn Crawl

We came, we saw, we conquered four yarn shops in the Raleigh area. A group of friends and I gathered a few Saturdays ago to eat a delicious breakfast in preparation for a full day of yarn shopping and traipsing from one side of Wake county to another.

The first shop on our itinerary was Yarn Tree Studio who had celebrated their two-month anniversary very recently. We were greeted as we walked through the door and offered help should we need any. The natural lighting coming through the large windows at the front of the shop lit the space well and made the various shades of yarn pop. We spent the next twenty minutes perusing the yarn and admiring many of the handmade goods sprinkled throughout the shop.  Quite a few of the baby items caught our eyes as one of my friends is expecting. The spindles caught my attention as I’m very interested in learning how to spin and spindle…one of these days. I appreciated the shops hours which extended beyond 6 p.m. during the week and even included a block on Sunday.

While en route to our next destination we took a slight detour while reclaiming one of our gals (who was driving separate) from following the wrong vehicle. We traveled along beautiful Ridge Road to Great Yarns who is celebrating their 25th anniversary! The ladies who greeted us were the friendliest pair I’ve come across at this shop in my many visits over the past four years. The shop, which doesn’t have much natural light, was spacious enough for the five us to roam about without bumping into each other. As we waited for the group to make our purchases we gathered at the table near the register and chatted the minutes away.

Our next stop was The Handmade Market. Although, it was not a yarn shop per see, the handmade goods fit the mold well. The Market was packed with vendors galore ranging from screen printed T-shirts, jewelery, bags to knitted animals and more.

Afterwards we made our way on foot to The Remedy Diner for a delicious lunch. We grabbed a booth near the bar and quickly decided what we wanted to eat. I decided on Under The Volcano  made of local soy “mock” chicken tossed in homemade vegan buffalo sauce smothered in gorgonzola, served with onion, lettuce, and tomato on a Kaiser. The sandwich was pretty taste, too bad I couldn’t finish it all.

A Cary staple was next on our crawl list of places to visit. And boy was it a surprising little shop. I’ve read reviews of the place but none of them described what we were about to see. Shuttles, Needles & Hooks in Cary has been there for ages (no website). In an old house with yarn piled high, we came across a decrepit spinning wheel and loom. On the second floor the remains of 60’s carpet was patchy and stained. Windows that no longer closed all the way were stuffed with what looked to be old fiber. The piles of yarn were kept in the typical bins, but looked very disheveled. When a strand from a skein fell loose, no one took the time to put it back in place. Shuttles, Needles & Hooks is a must see if just for the yarn filled sink alone.

Our final stop along the yarn crawl was at DownTown Knits in the recently revitalized town of Apex. This modern shop had tons of space, yarn galore with classroom space and lounging couches. We came across Stitch handbags and yarn bowl pottery. The shop owner was very friendly and helpful. We chatted about upcoming sock classes, Ravelry and Bunny Nuggets by Rebecca Danger.

We made our way back home after a long day of drooling over yarn and hand-knitted items. Another yarn crawl will be in order come early fall. Maybe we’ll venture over to Durham, Chapel Hill and beyond.


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