WWKIP and Durham Bulls Stitch ‘N’ Pitch

To kickoff World Wide Knit in Public this year, I organized a group outing to the Durham Bulls Stitch ‘n’ Pitch on Saturday, June 11th. We met at the Ridgewood Shopping Center so we could carpool to the game. After claiming our tickets at a special will call we received an unexpected goody bag with two skeins of yarn, a pattern book and a few more loose patterns. (Note to self for 2012: When purchasing tickets make sure you buy for the group rather than individual so you can sit together.)

We had great seats near 3rd base, which were out of the heat of the sun. My Mom and I helped ourselves to some North Carolina craft beer almost immediately after sitting down while the other two ladies went on a hunt for something to eat. Before the national anthem or anything game related got started the rain began to come down. It sprinkled at first then poured for quite some time. Fortunately, we were able to relocate below the awning and closer to home plate. And what better way to keep ourselves entertained while we watched the rain drops fall than to KNIT!

However, the rain kept the game from starting until well after we left around 8:40 p.m. I had fun even though the game was delayed. I’ve already put a reminder on my calendar for next years Stitch ‘n’ Pitch.


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