Knitting Bucket List Revisited

My first prancerwhoknits blog post in August 2010 was called Knitting Bucket List. Of the items listed, I’m happy to say that I’ve completed quite a few over the past year.

  • complete summit shawl – Done!
  • socks – Done!
  • perfect continental
  • fair isle something
  • cardigan (I think three baby cardigans count) – Done!
  • mittens
  • dress
  • bag/purse
  • hoodie
  • visit a sheep-wool farm (Heelside Farms for a spin & knit in) – Done!
  • spin (I’ll be tackling this during a SAFF Beginning Spinning class in two weeks) – Almost done.
  • spindle – Done!
  • dye (I’ll be tackling this during a SAFF class in two weeks) – Almost done.
  • attend a fiber/knitting event (Carolina FiberFest 2010 and 2011, Stitch ‘n’ Pitch, Spring Yarn Crawl and SAFF in two weeks) – Done!
  • a sweater that fits
  • design a pattern (I’ve designed a few very simple baby bib and hat patterns. Hope to get more advanced once I read a few knit wear design books).
  • organize a knitting community event (2011 Autumn Yarn Crawl) – Done!
  • open an Etsy store

A few items I would like to add for 2012:

  • teach a knitting class or two
  • yarn bombing
  • organize another knitting, crochet and spinning community event
  • dahlia cardigan
  • purchase a spinning wheel
  • purchase a spindle
  • knit something from my very own handspun

What’s on your knitting and spinning list for 2012?


2 Replies to “Knitting Bucket List Revisited”

  1. I think you should get you own sheep. Well maybe you can add that to your bucket list in the years to come. We saw a lady spinning at our farmer’s market and she had her wool hanging and each bag was labeled/named. Your Uncle asked if that was the kind of wool it was and she said, “No, those are the names of the sheep the wool came from.” Jack, Mandy, Leroy, etc. Awwwww. Do you think Rocky would like a lamb?

  2. Not so sure I want my own sheep. They’re cute and all but that would require purchasing land and it’s so expensive down here. I wouldn’t mind volunteering at a farm every once in awhile to learn the ins and outs.

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