What began as a spark…

Grew into a small flame that will hopefully grow into a bonfire.

Jumping off of the Spring Yarn Crawl I decided an Autumn Yarn Crawl was in order. This time I would invite anyone who wanted to attend. Then, I had to decide where to begin:

1) Compile a list of local yarns shops with contact information and business hours.

2) Decide on a what would hopefully be a beautiful weekend in October.

3) Setup blog with basic crawl structure and details to demonstrate to anyone interested (including myself) that the crawl truly will happen.

4) Begin contacting Mary, Sara, Anne, Margaret, Michele, Carol & Cheryl and Lynn via whatever means worked best for them.

5) Cross my fingers they all say “Yes!”

6) Spend the day with my wonderful mom choosing contemporary fabrics and sewing the very first handmade raffle project bag.

7) Use numerous forms of communication to invite fellow fiberistas within the Triangle-area.

8) Take a week long break from planning and finger-crossing, and head to St. John to weather out Tropical Storm Maria.

9) Take over the kitchen and dining room for two weekends to sew and adorn the remaining bags.

10) Receive the generous donation of Carolina FiberFest totes to include in the project bags and deliver them all.

11) Create a route and invite my friends and family to join in on the fun.

12) Make a list of awesomeness to search out while along the crawl.

13) Sit back and enjoy the ride on October 8th and 9th.

14) Congratulations to all of the lucky raffle project bag winners.

15) Thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in the crawl including the wonderful shop owners/managers, who made this event possible through their generous support and excitement; Carolina FiberFest for donating the very lovely tote bags;  Jessica for baking such cute and appropriate cup cakes; And to my mom, Gail, for inspiring the project bags and being a part of their creation.


All feedback is welcome so please send your thoughts to prancerwhoknits@gmail.com.


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