Midnight Commuter Mittens

I like to call my most recent finished object Midnight Commuter Mittens.

The pattern was inspired by Stephanie Sun’s Commuter pattern featured in Knitty.com’s First Fall 2011 issue. Malabrigo’s Merino Worsted in the Tortuga colorway was the perfect yarn for this creation.

Due to the dark yarn color I felt the pattern required a slight modification. I decided to change the 2×2 ribbed cuff and finger flap, and cable detail to a seed stitch motif that is carried throughout giving the mitten a modern urban feel.

If I decide to knit these up again, I would make a few more modifications:
-Cast on 34-36 sts instead of 40 and after 10 rows of seed stitch begin to increase by 2’s every other row until you have 40 sts.
-Extend the seed stitch cuff by 10 more rows = 20 total rows.
-Save loose thumb stitches on a stitch holder so they’re easier to pickup when you’re ready to knit the thumb.
-Extend the seed stitch finger flap by 10-15 rows so that it falls just below the tips of your fingers and when folded rests just over the knuckles.


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