Hybrid Cable Scarf

The design for this hybrid cable scarf is based on the San Francisco Infinity Scarf. I wanted something that would knit up quickly, be cozy and offer yet another challenge.

Instead of size 8 or 9 needles like with the SFO scarf I used size US 13. The finished dimensions are 10″ x 46 3/4″ with three 1/2″ buttonholes placed along one side end of the scarf. And since I knew the scarf would end up being gigantic if I had casted on the original number of stitches (47 sts) I only used 33 sts, which meant I only had enough room for three cables.

The buttonholes are placed along one side of the scarf and run perpendicular to the cables. Short rows make up the difference after the stitches are bound off and casted back on. The challenge I gave myself and experiment in construction worked.

After trying on the scarf and determining the best fit and location, I placed the buttons diagonally along the first set of rows. You can choose to only button one or two of the buttons to allow for more room or change the look slightly.

The asymmetrical finished look is quite appealing. I’ll use fancier yarn next time.


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