Felted Soap

Intrigued by the buzz words “felted soap” I decided to do some investigating. I came across this well written tutorial on how to make felted soap and later that evening drove to Tuesday Morning to find the good smelling kind. Lavender has always been a favorite scent of mine so I picked up three bars, each only $2.99 + tax. Tracking down fiber wasn’t a problem since just a month or so ago I had visited SAFF and came home with 2lbs of fiber.

Following the tutorial I wrapped each bar of soap in three different pieces of fiber while being sure I crisscrossed them. I placed one nicely packaged bar of soap in a freshly cut off leg of stockings and tied a knot. After filling up the sink with some toasty water that wasn’t too hot but also not lukewarm, I dunked the soap and began applying some elbow grease. Within five minutes or so I checked my progress and determined I needed a little more fiber to cover a corner.

For the second run, I was curious to see how difficult it would be to felt two bars of soap at once. So I placed two nicely wrapped packages in the stocking and tied a knot after each. I spent less time felting these but they turned out just as nice as the first bar and they were slightly larger from not spending as much time in the warm water. The challenge I faced was evenly spreading the elbow grease love between the two.

Once I was happy with the amount of felting I placed them on a cooling rack with a kitchen towel underneath. They took about two days to dry completely. I’m very happy with the way they turned out.

Felted soap is such an affordable, quick and easy gift to make for any occasion. You can find fiber at most yarn shops just make sure its wool and not silk or cotton. Fiber is also available online just Google it.


3 Replies to “Felted Soap”

  1. Looks cool but what do you do with it? Wear it or bathe with it? First wash with it and then wear it?

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