Standing with the warm morning sun to our backs we patiently wait for our chariot. The Durham Raleigh Express bus has become my new best friend. Sure overcoming my fear of not knowing what to expect or do, common among individuals considering public transportation, took talking to coworkers who take the bus very frequently and printing the DRX schedule and route so I could familiarize myself.

Parking my car at a nearby park and ride and catching the last DRX of the morning means I’m able to check emails, read a book, plan next weeks dinner menu and even knit. My goal when I first started taking the bus was to ride twice a week. I now challenge myself to ride three times a week. Outside of the occasional dinner with a friend or evening errand this hasn’t been too challenging.

I haven’t calculated my monthly savings but I can say that I fill up my car every week and a half instead of once a week. And as long as gas remains above $3.50 a gallon I consider it a savings. Plus, over the long haul I’ll have less wear and tear on my car.

Over the four months I’ve experienced quite a few different bus-centric situations ranging from getting a bus without air condition on a 100+ degree day, having ants crawl on me thanks to a painter, almost being stung by a bee and overhearing a fight between a couple about if her younger sister moved from the west coast to live with them that the husband wanted the sister to show some job search initiatives before making the move. All reasonable, right? I would say so considering someone else is doing the driving while I’m being productive or just relaxing.

Why not take the bus instead of sitting through, at times, miles of stop and go break light heavy traffic on route 40 and the Durham Freeway? Plan your route today.


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