While in Ohio over Labor Day weekend, I purchased this beautiful hank of hand-painted blue-face leceister fiber from Knitting on the Square in Chardon. Having quite a few knitting projects on the needles I put off spinning this fiber until early November.

I felt as if I had found a magical fiber because of how super easy it was to spin. It’s beautiful long staple makes it easy for a novice spinner like me to handle the amount of twist going into the fiber and draft all at the same time. I used a combination of long draw and worsted spinning techniques because quite frankly I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.


After spinning almost two full bobbins I began to ply. I was a little overzealous with the plying as I ended up with quite a few areas of over-plied yarn which was rough to the touch.


I soaked the finished hank in some warm water and gentle soap then gently dried it in a towel before hanging it on a drying rack overnight to dry. I’m very happy with the wonderful shades of red, pink and orange that have a muddled striping affect when knitted up.


The coral-ish colored yarn inspired me to make a simple hat for my friend’s baby Cora. I managed to knit the hat in a 24-hour period and I’m happy with the way it turned out. I hope it fits her.


Just before heading over to Cozy Tuesday night for Knit Night I stopped by One World Market and found this cute little key chain named Coral. She came with a tag that says : Coral helps you dive deeper to find what’s beneath the surface.” What a perfect way to wrap the hat and attach Coral to the outside as a decorative name tag.

What holiday gifts are you in the process of making this season?



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