On the road again

A month or so ago I mentioned to my mom that I wanted grandpa to spend Christmas with us. It had been 10 years since we spent Thanksgiving with him so we decided to venture up to Clarksburg, WV and back in one day as long as the weather permitted and we were splitting the driving. Assuming the going up would be rough with the weather forecast we drove my car up and back last Sunday because its all-wheel drive. We should have flipped the order in which we drove our vehicles but it’s hard to know exactly how much snow/ice will be on the roads until you’re up there.

We managed to make it up there in roughly seven hours with a few stops along the way. We saw the sunrise going up and the sunset on our way back as we drove  past the scenic overlooks near Fancy Gap, Virginia allowing us to take some nice pictures.


The 14-hour drives were exhausting but well worth the time we spent with gramps. He spent the first few days at my parents house and the second half of his visit at our house. For a mid-70-year old man he’s quite mobile. We went for two walks, one around our neighborhood and one along the greenway. This past Friday we went to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences where we explored all seven floors of both buildings.


While here we also put together two puzzles. The lighthouse puzzle was harder than the route 66 puzzle. Whoever designed it was mean with all of the blue pieces in varying shades of blue for the sky. But between all of us plugging in a piece every once in awhile we finished both before we packed up gramps and drove him back up north.



The ride back to WV proved to be a little more challenging. Route 19 was covered in snow the majority of the way causing us to drive an average of 15 miles below the speed limit once we got around the pokey, scared drivers. Mom’s SUV managed and we dropped him off with no troubles. The roads were more crowded on our way home but the snowy views coming out of the tunnels and down the various mountains were absolutely spectacular.


I just so happened to get some knitting done as we zoomed past the mountains of NC, VA, and WV. On our way to kidnap gramps I started a pair of fingerless mitts for my mom for Christmas. And on our way back to WV to take him home I worked on my Zuzu’s Petals cowl but made a mistake when I started the lace chart so I’ll be frogging a few rows (hopefully today).


Family has always been important to me. I enjoy spending time with them and I know how fast time flies so even though it might require a long road trip or other forms of slight torture it’s worth the trip to create memories with those you love.


3 Replies to “On the road again”

  1. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks!

    It reminded me of the year we packed up my 88-year-old mom, our suitcases and all of our presents for a 10-hour trip north to my brother’s house for the holidays…in my Mini Cooper! Mom got the primo passenger seat. My husband and I took turns between driving and assuming “pretzel” positions in the back seat amidst all the coats and packages.

    As it turned out, that was my mom’s last Christmas. So glad we could do this for her.

  2. I’m glad to hear you took the time and cherish the memory of the trip with your mom.
    Wow, that’s quite a long drive to be twisted into a pretzel. I can only imagine the stretches required at pit stops.

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