Friday Fiber Fun

This past Friday I had an evening full of fiber fun. I was inspired by a YouTube video tutorial that spun yarn out of strips of cut up pillow cases. Having previously set aside a few T-shirts to make infinity cowls out of but not really liking the finished product of the two I had already made, I decided I would use the remaining T-shirts to spin with.

Using my rotatory cutter, mat and plastic guide, I cut three different T-shirts. First, I removed the hem in one roll across the mat. Then I cut 1/4″, 1/3″, and 1/2″ strips until I reached the sleeves or in the case with one shirt – buttons. I found some complimentary commercial yarn in grey and headed over to my spinning wheel.

Twisted T-shirts Materials

I played with alternating colors, tucking in the ends, using the commercial yarn to overlap the T-shirt fabric and whatever else came to mind. As I worked, I noticed the T-shirt material was shedding. And the grey shirt I had cut up left silver flecks every where, but it was so much fun to create something so different from anything I had done before. I managed to spin two bobbins full in just an hour or so.

Twisted T-shirts Bobbin

The ends quickly untwisted themselves so I worked fast knitting up a large diamond shape of a swatch.

Diamond Shape

I decided to fold the swatch on the bias and knit up the two shorter sides using the leftover T-shirt yarn.

Friday Fiber Fun Clutch

I’m going to line the inside with some fun fabric and add some sort of closure. It’s not quite my style, but I could see someone edgier than I carrying it as a small clutch or a knitter using it to hold DPNs or a child using it as a pencil case. It could even be a travel makeup case. Either way, it was fun to explore on a Friday.

What kinds of crazy material or items have you tried to spin? I’ve heard of foil, plastic bags and even toilet paper.


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