yarn bombing swatches

This past Saturday my friend Nicole and I gathered at Warm ‘n Fuzzy in Cary to sprinkle some yarn graffiti throughout the downtown area. Yes, you heard right, Cary of all towns who has very strict rules on just about everything, gave Rebecca with Warm ‘n Fuzzy permission to yarn bomb Cary. And the best part is the yarn bombing stays up for three months!

yarn bombing stitches

We had a group of about 15 fiber enthusiasts who made the yarn bombing possible that day. Prior to last Saturday, Rebecca asked Warm ‘n Fuzzy patrons and anyone else willing to knit or crochet a large swatch that they would seam together into a long strip of connected swatches. They ended up with 26 long swatches to sprinkle about.

warm n fuzzy tags

Each long swatch was so unique. Some with fun fur, granny squares, stranded color-work, individuals initials and even pom poms. One comment from a driver waiting for the stoplight at Chatham and Academy was that the granny squares reminded him of an old afghan his grandma had made. And Warm ‘n Fuzzy made sure they left their mark by including a card with their logo and shop information.

yarn bombing nicole

We had so much fun sharing the experience with everyone who walked by. Citizens of all ages were curious about the yarn bombing. They asked questions, took pictures and absolutely loved the idea.

Have you seen yarn bombing or participated in yarn bombing recently? What did you enjoy most about the experience?

I heart cary


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