Striped Inauguration Hat

Four years ago I made my very first hat on inauguration day. The pattern was Mod Cables Hat by Jeanne Stevenson and the yarn was Malabrigo Merino Worsted in a sky blue or as people around here would say Carolina blue. (I’m a Duke fan so there is no Carolina blue in my closets.) The pattern was easy to follow and quick to knit. And if you ever see me running outside in the winter months, I’m most likely wearing this hat because it keeps my noggin and ears warm.

On Monday while watching the inauguration events, I decided to create a second inauguration day hat but of my own design this go around. I had some leftover black Montana yarn from Tahki Yarns that I had bought for a second pair of commissioned mitts. And I had some fluffy white Plymouth Yarn De Aire remaining after making an improvised baby bear cowl.

I knew I had barely enough yarn to finish a hat with either yarn so why not combine the two. Playing with stripes seemed like a great idea. Having never really worked with stripes, I quickly searched the web and came across this handy dandy jogless stripes tutorial from TECHKnitting. I love that site – it’s full of helpful information when you’re perplexed by a knitting issue or just want to know the best technique for something like stripes.

You can see from the pictures below that I alternated sets of black and white stripes. I started with a black K1, P1 rib that measures ~2″. Then I switched yarns at the beginning of the next round and knitted six rounds in white. Next I knitted six rounds in black, four rounds in white, three rounds in black, three rounds in white, one round in black and decreased like crazy because I was quickly running out of yarn.

black white inauguration hat front

You can tell from this pic that my jogless stripes weren’t quite that jogless. Maybe I need to separate them more or tighten my stitches when I’m ending one color and starting another. All in all, I’m very happy with my hat. It’s quite toasty with it’s super bulky yarn and wool merino base. I plan on playing with stripes again soon.

Have you tested your jogless stripes skills lately?

black white inauguration hat back


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