30-day Challenge – Week 2 Update

It’s been two weeks since we started our vegetarian and alcohol free challenge. And last Friday was the first day I really craved a beer. I unwillingly resisted the temptation.

For Valentine’s Day, Jon and I ate dinner at Capital Club 16. We avoided the crowds, long waits and expensive menus by celebrating the day before. When the waiter asked us if we would like anything to drink outside of water we looked at each other and declined. Pie from Piebird made everything better.


This week’s menu included a new recipe and some good ol’ standbys:

We ventured out of our comfort zone when we ate Tempeh and Eggplant Pot Pies from Epicurious. I made drop biscuits from the Joy of Cooking cookbook instead of the biscuits in the recipe. And if I make this again, I will use less biscuits as they took over the rest of the dish.


Jon cranked out a delicious chili without corn bread. He made up the recipe as he went, which included two serrano peppers and tofu crumbles. Did I mention it was delicious?

For the Greek pasta, I cut a handful of kalamatta olives in half, chopped up some leftover artichoke hearts and roma tomatoes, and tossed in some feta along with whole wheat penne pasta. I searched my pantry for a jar of roasted red peppers, but didn’t find any. Next time. I stirred in a homemade olive oil and balsamic dressing and let the pasta sit for an hour before serving with this tabouleh recipe and homemade hummus.

Our friend Michelle shared this shiitake and sweet pea risotto recipe, which I might just combine with this orzo risotto recipe when I make it next week – the last week of the challenge.

An item of discussion this week started with an internet search comparing protein content between chicken, pork, and soy. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating soy products? Is too much soy harmful and should we replace soy with meals made from whole foods? These are questions we’ve been asking ourselves and vegetarian and vegan friends. What are your thoughts?


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