COMPLETE: Vegetarian and Alcohol Free Challenge

Great Lakes Alchemy Hour Double IPA

Yesterday, we celebrated the completion of our four-week vegetarian and alcohol free challenge by enjoying a Great Lakes Alchemy Hour Double IPA and Coast Brewing Company Hopart with veggie pizza.

The past four weeks have opened our eyes to plant-based eating, new recipes, controversial topics and compelling documentaries to the point I’m becoming a vegetarian and Jon is moving forward with a primarily plant-based diet. Here’s why:

  • We have more energy. Really! We wake up earlier even though our bedtimes are the same as before we started this challenge.
  • We don’t crave meat, but we DO CRAVE CRAFT BEER! We fulfilled our beer cravings in the evenings with chocolate bars, ice cream and mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. Not all at once, of course.
  • Jon lost five pounds. I lost none, but I feel more slender.
  • After eating a plant-based meal we feel full but don’t have the bloated, miserable stuffed feeling we would normally have after eating a meal with meat.
  • Netflix has tons of compelling documentaries about food. Here’s just a few we’ve watched:
  • We’ve reconsidered our weekly, monthly alcohol consumption and have set goals to reduce it over the next year.
  • Just about everyone we know or met over the past four weeks who heard about the challenge were very supportive and congratulated us.

Week 4 Menu

And now for this week’s menu:

If you’ve never tried a vegetarian meal or diet, we highly recommend it. The long-term health benefits outweigh any cravings for meat.  Start with meatless Mondays by making one of the many recipes I shared over the past four weeks.

No matter what your eating style may be, enjoy life to the fullest every day!


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