Plying Like Crazy

I’ve been plying like crazy over the past few days trying to finish my fifth ever spinning project. I purchased a 4oz hank of beautiful teal 50/50 superwash merino wool and tencel from Taylored Fibers during Carolina FiberFest 2012. I bought a second hank (below) from Taylored Fibers through her Etsy shop earlier this year so that I would have even more of this beautiful yarn. I absolutely love the color.


It’s been almost a year since I purchased the first hank and I’m just now finishing up plying all 8oz. It’s crazy to think it took almost a year but I had tons of other knitting and spinning projects to focus on over the past 11 months.


The first hank I bought was very dark in color with very little white. The second had more white to counter balance the teal. I was very curious to see how the two different hanks would ply up – If I would end up with barber pole yarn or a more subtle blend of colors with my 2-ply yarn.


I still have more plying to do later this week, but I’m very happy with the end results. The yarn is very soft to the touch and has a beautiful shine to it. Now I’m dreaming up pattern designs and have a few ideas in mind.

Taylored Fibers will be at Carolina FiberFest this weekend so I can’t wait to see what colors she brought with her this time. Maybe I’ll see you there.



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