Summer Recipes

My favorite time of year as a cook is during the summer months when the farmers’ market stands are plentiful. The colorful fruits and vegetables inspire me to try new recipes and explore some creations of my own. This week’s vegetarian menu was inspired by my mom’s garden and our Sunday morning visit to the NC State Farmers’ Market.

This raw salad puts a new twist on corn and asparagus. It was quick and easy to prepare and is sure to delight any veggie lover.

You can never go wrong with a Greek orzo salad as a summer party potluck recipe. This might be my go to recipe for the rest of the summer as I almost always have everything in my pantry and it makes a large portion leaving enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

This chimichurri sauce with black beans and lentils recipe is my chance to change things up for taco night by trying something completely new to us.

I’m using a tomato plucked directly from the vine in my mom’s garden and sharp cheddar cheese from a local cheese maker for this jalapeno pimento cheese and spicy baked green tomato sandwich – a southern girl’s trusty ol’ friend.

We also scooped up a basket of ripe peaches and strawberries, and a flat or 12 pints of blueberries while at the farmers’ market. Fortunately, my husband makes a great assistant so this evening we’re going to can/freeze everything to enjoy later this year.

Fresh, local fruits and veggies taste the best so check out your local farmers’ market. Feel free to share any of your favorite summer recipes.


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