Tour de Fleece – Day 1

The Tour de Fleece started today! It’s my first TdF so I joined Team Rookies. Lately I’ve been spinning quite a bit so I wanted to finish two of my spinning projects before starting any new ones.


When I purchased my Louet Victoria wheel last August the seller sent along a 1/2 lb bag of fiber. Around the time of my 36th birthday my mom and I dyed the majority of this fiber along with some cashmere and 80/20 BFL/silk with food coloring. It was our first dye day and we had a blast! I’ve already spun the majority of this very cushy, hand-dyed fiber and I have some un-dyed fiber left. I’m considering spinning both and plying them together possibly using an art yarn technique. We shall see what I decide to do.


Above is the 80/20 BFL/silk I mentioned earlier. The top bobbin is quite full and I only have some un-dyed fiber left to spin. I spun about an ounce today, which is all I had left of the fluffy hand-dyed fiber. I might ply the un-dyed with both of these bobbins and see how the soft color variations change. This way I’ll end up with more yardage to play with, yippee!

My plans for Day 2 are to finish spinning the fiber left over from above and some knitting. What do you have planned for day 2 of the Tour de Fleece?


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