Tour de Fleece – Day 2


Day 2 of the Tour de Fleece consisted of more knitting than spinning. I quickly spun through the little 1oz of Louet fiber I had left and then realized I needed another bobbin or three in order to finish spinning the rest of the un-dyed Louet wool and 80/20 BFL/silk. I guess I’m placing an order with The Woolery in the next day so that I can get these two spinning projects one step closer to being done.

sheep shearing_rising meadow farm22

I have some corriedale fleece I purchased from Rising Meadow Farm, a picturesque farm located in Liberty, NC, that needs combed/carded. I’m going to try opening up the 3-5″ locks with a hair or dog brush before investing more money in spinning tools. I’m sure I’ll eventually purchase hand cards and combs and a drum carder but I’m not ready to take on those expenses just yet.


Last night I started Cascade from Petite Purls by Raya Budrevich for a friend’s little girl who was born in April of this year. I just love the leaf motif. I decided to make the sweater out of Plymouth Yarn Worsted Merino Superwash since it’s so cushy, soft and machine washable. A huge bonus for a new mama. I’ve made this sweater once before for a good friend and had forgotten my mental note about adding neck and button bands in garter or rib to help keep them both from rolling. It looks like I’ll be adding those as an afterthought – oh well. I’m ready to separate the sleeves out, maybe I’ll get that accomplished during my lunch break.

Here’s to knitting and spinning until your hearts content!



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