This Week’s Menu


I hope this week’s vegetarian menu stands up to Mr. Odgers’ high expectations *winks*. Over the years we’ve become quite the foodies with all of our travels, Food Network watching and farm touring. And thankfully I took four years of home economics during high school and my mom is a great cook or else we’d be gorging on high-calorie and high-sodium items from big box restaurants or fast food chains. NO THANKS!

People are always amazed at the variety of menu items I make each week and the fact that I take time out of my busy day to make such delicious and healthy meals. Well, I do it partially because I love to cook, it’s a way for me to express myself, be creative and explore new things like kale pesto and quinoa cakes. But it also means that I’m feeding my family of two and some times the dog a great meal full of healthy vegetables high in fiber, nutrients and energy. Sure sometimes I make way too many salads and don’t have enough carbs for the speedy Mr. Odgers. But I make up for it with great food and that makes me happy.

I also plan my menu just about every Sunday morning and go shopping either at the farmers’ market, my parents’ garden or at Whole Foods or Earth Fare. The menu is based on what is in season at that time, and summer is always the best. There’s so much to choose from, how could you possibly not want to add more veggies and fruit to your plate. And I’ve noticed lately when I’m in the grocery store I spend the majority of my time in the veggie area, hardly any in the middle section unless I’m searching for lentils, oatmeal or beans, and even less in the dairy section. I’m sure the cashiers roll their eyes every time I approach with a cart full of veggies and fruit since it takes forever to ring up. Some of them even ask me about the tofu or tempeh in my order and how I prepare it. I’m glad to share my expanding knowledge on preparing such items; although, we eat soy products less and less as of lately.

Now for the recipes…

This red potato salad with fresh dill is quite tasty.

One can never go wrong with an Alice Water’s lentil salad recipe so I added this one to my recipe repertoire. I’ll probably serve this salad alongside this field peas with okra and soysage dish.

This crunchy cashew Thai quinoa salad caught my eye with all of it’s pretty colors. I’m making it without the red cabbage as I never need a whole head of cabbage so the other half always ends up in the trash.

I prepped these Southwestern qunioa cakes last night by mashing the black beans and dicing the veggies. I’m going to serve them tonight over a bed of mixed greens with fresh corn kernels, diced tomatoes and black beans.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this kale pesto with zucchini noodles spicy, but it’s fresh tasting. I added whole wheat penne pasta for some extra carbs and some chopped red onions for more color and crunch.

Bon Appetit and Happy Fourth of July!




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