A few observations

I’m currently half way through my half marathon training for the Neuse River Bridge Run in New Bern next month. Over the past six weeks I’ve observed a few things:

-Running close to dusk on the greenway is motivation to finish strong. Read spooky here.
-Most people you pass or are passed by are very friendly.
-Both IT bands dislike running further than 4-miles. I guess I should continue those strength exercises on a regular basis.
-The miles get easier, not necessarily faster the further you go.
-I miss sleeping in past 6:30am on a weekend.
-Blisters are something you learn to live with even after buying fancy socks, using Vaseline and taping those pesky toes.
-Rolling, stretching and napping in a hammock are a runners best friend.
-Accomplishing a personal best two plus years from the previous milestone is something to boast about, well sorta.
-Exercising after quite a long hiatus makes you realize just how flabby you really are.
-Eating dinner well after 9pm is a reality.
-Planning training runs with friends on weekends keeps you accountable and means brunch is even more enjoyable. Especially since the group will most likely beat everyone else who slept in to the restaurant.

Only 39 more days till race day. So do I pop the blisters?



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