Vegetable peeler vs. paring knife

My mother-in-law once looked at me like I was crazy for asking for a paring knife when peeling some baking potatoes. I thought peeling potatoes with a paring knife was normal but I soon realized not all families prepare their tots that way.

The idea of whittling away a potato skin using a vegetable peeler just so you waste less of the precious starchy goodness inside just doesn’t feel right. I feel in more control and speedier when I use a paring knife. And if I were to use a vegetable peeler to remove the skin from a potato, I’m afraid I would remove skin from one of my valuable fingers.

I’ve used both on other vegetable-like objects depending on which tool was more convenient. And yet I still prefer the paring knife.

Which do you prefer to peel potatoes or any veggie on your ingredient list?


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