A few observations: part deux

8 days, 8 hours, and 15 minutes until my second half marathon. It’s gonna be flat and hopefully for me I’m able to run it faster than my previous half.

During my training runs I think of all kinds of things but one subject is my running observations. I shared a few with you all at the halfway point so I thought I’d share a few more.

-Enclosing sweaty running clothes in the laundry closet for a day or two unbeknown to an innocent laundry doer is just foul, literally stinky foul. As soon as the doors open the fumes invade your nostrils and make you gag.

-A small pool of sweat gathered in your belly button is a good indication you ran through the all-wonderful soupy 96% humidity as you ticked off the miles one by one.

-Spider webs are just mean.

-Giving your foot a proper ice bath by dropping one ice-cube every minute into a shallow tub leaves it feeling refreshed and able to recover from a long run.

-The idea of running five miles in the Windy City makes a girl want to run.

-Covering 12 miles between your home and Cameron Village to meet friends who just finished a half is a great motivator. Similar to running at dusk on the greenway.

-Yoga settles the mind, lengthens the hamstrings and brings peace to your heart. Oh and usually gives you yoga ass.

-Following your husbands’ (marathoner and soon to be ultra runner) instructions on fluids and refueling during a long, long run makes him happy, and your run goes
better than planned. That’s what I call a win-win.

-Preparing a vegetable-based dinner menu requires planning, time and energy but it’s well worth it. You eat nutrient rich fuels and recover faster after your runs.

-All you guys know and some ladies too, that having a sore nipple, yep I said it, from chaffing is quite unpleasant. Here’s a lesson for all: Lube those babies up or wear band-aids or nipple guards. Yes, nipple guards exist. Best to be prepared so you don’t scare the children with your bloody T-shirt at the finish line.

Best of luck to everyone completing a race this fall no matter the distance. May you have a great race, speedy recovery and enjoyment of a tasty beverage for all your hard work.


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