Neuse River Bridge Run

photoYesterday, I completed my second half marathon. My mom and I drove to New Bern Friday evening and arrived just past 10pm. I was hoping to be there at 9pm but things just didn’t work out as planned. We went to bed almost immediately and awoke at 4:15am. We arrived at the race with plenty of time to pick up my packet, chat with a few fellow runners and keep an eye out for a friend from high school.

I started the race with a technical glitch and lots of humidity in the air. I completely forgot to plug my headphones into my phone so everyone running around me heard Lady Gaga blaring. Oops. After quickly fumbling to stop the music and getting the headphones connected, I could finally focus on the miles ahead.

For the first two miles we ran over a bridge engulfed in fog where we then turned around and headed back to Front Street to whiz past the crowd. I handed off an empty chocolate-flavored Gu to my mom just past the four mile mark and kept trucking forward.

I walked briefly near mile six to partake in some cold water. Mile eight and on brought really bad stomach cramping. Every step and breath hurt. I could feel the knots in my stomach. I applied pressure, I relaxed my breathing, and walked quite a bit.


My minute per mile steadily increased from an average of 10:30 to 11:00+ as the cramping continued and Lady Gaga brought me little relief. Miles 11-12 looped around a park or no mans land and then back towards downtown New Bern.

Mile 13 took us through a small section of public housing before rounding a few corners towards the finish line. I could barely smile for the photographers as I crossed the finish line. I was grateful to be done and so happy to see my mom.

Big thanks to my husband and mom for supporting me through my training and the race. I couldn’t have done it without them being there for me over the past 12 weeks.

Even though my race didn’t go quite as planned I’m happy I finished, and I’ve already started researching my next race.


2 Replies to “Neuse River Bridge Run”

  1. I am so impressed with your perseverance. A half marathon is not easy, especially with cramping. I love your whole attitude and am excited to hear you are already thinking about race #3. San Diego Half Marathon in March? We have a discount code and I hear it is nice and flat…

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