Comedy of Errors

This past Saturday I invited mom over to help me sew baby gifts. And let’s just say it didn’t go as planned. We made one mistake after another. We blamed it on us talking, on the pattern and lack of directions, and that our minds just weren’t into it.

In recent months I modified a baby bib pattern so it closes on the side with either velcro or a snap. Well, in order to do so the place where it attaches needed to overlap. And the solution I came up with was to cut the piece that circles behind the head in the middle. It solved the closure issue but it created another issue.

You MUST pay attention when cutting out patterned fabric and stabilizer or interfacing. If you’re not paying attention and cut it wrong you end up with pieces that just won’t work. Right sides will be facing wrong sides instead of right sides together. And we did this repeatedly on Saturday.

Not only that, but I realized after mom left that I had added a seam allowance for the two larger bib pieces so you could join them together with a quick and easy seam instead of piecing them using interfacing or a binding strip to cover the join. So I ended up ripping that out as well, removing the binding and sewing the ends together to create a beautiful seam of which I top stitched.

You would have thought we were drinking cocktails or tasty craft beers. Nope. Just water. And we had just eaten so its not like our brains were starving for nutrients. So the few hours we spent together were a comedy of errors full of laughter, frustration and a few bad words here and there. Oops.



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