Christmas Lunch Menu

This year marks the first holiday season where we forego the traditional fixings and enjoy a plant-based meal on Christmas day.  Determined to create a menu that met my nostalgic views of a holiday feast I soon discovered the main dish was the hardest item to replace. Why? Primarily because our family, like most, always serve a bunch of veggies with a slice of turkey or ham. I tried slipping the neat loaf past my husband, but that didn’t work since it was our main dish for Thanksgiving. I searched my Springpad cookbook and Feebly feed but came up with nothing until I came across Fig & Honey‘s mushroom, thyme & lentil pies recipe. I decided to do a test run, it was a hit. And so it earned the main dish spot.
Mixed olives
Roasted pumpkin & butternut squash soup
Main Dish
Mom’s in charge of this so I know it will be delicious.
Tasty craft beer and possibly a bottle of Malbec from Trader Joe’s.
Happy Holidays! And stay safe.

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