I’ve been thinking

…about how I want 2014 to evolve into a freakin’ fantabulous year.

It needs to dull the lows of 2012 and 2013. So what exactly does that look like? Well, I think it’s a variety of things, but here’s the top three that come to mind.

Live in the now.
Life is short. Live every day to the fullest because unexpected things happen when you least expect them. Make every day count. This way you’ll never regret the life you’ve lived.

Explore, explore, explore. 
Try new things ALL OF THE TIME. You owe it to yourself to engage  with your surroundings. Get outside. Check out a new park. Try a new activity – whatever interests you. Challenge yourself to be adventurous. And find a friend or family member to be adventurous with you.

Pause and reflect, often.
The past two years have taught me to do whatever makes me the happiest. And to not be afraid, don’t limit yourself. If there’s something you want to do, DO IT! Now is the time. And if you’re not sure, spend some time in a quiet space with no distractions and focus on you. Be selfish for once and ask yourself “What do I want?” Once you identify it, make a plan and take the first step towards your goal.

I recently came across a quote that resonated very well with the above. And I have it saved where I can see it everyday.

“Failure is the default when you don’t take action.”

Ponder that for a minute. What does it mean to you?


3 Replies to “I’ve been thinking”

  1. Seizing the moment. It is so easy to make excuses, to continue to push things off. I love your goals and will support you in any way that I can!

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