Water Lilies


This past fall I stopped by Hillsborough Yarn Shop to pickup donations for the Triangle Yarn Crawl’s Hospice of Wake County handmade items drive. While there I noticed a braid of roving from Malabrigo. I had no idea they sold roving so I bought one. The colors were a deep blue and purple.


I unzipped the braid back in February and noticed immediately the fiber was very compacted. It took quite a bit of work to open up the roving and I determined the darkest section wasn’t worth the time or energy so I threw part of it away.


I took my time spinning the 4 oz with the goal of spinning more yardage than ever before. I successfully spun 389 yards, which is at least 100 yards more than in the past, so I was very happy with the end result. The hank is so, so soft and the colorway reminds me of Monet’s Water Lilies painting.

Tools used: Louet Victoria
Yarn Weight: Sport
WPI: 12
# of plies: 2
Twist direction: S = singles; Z = plied
Drive ratio: 8.5 : 1 for singles and plied


I’m considering making an elongated and narrow shawl to show off the colors. Please send pattern recommendations my way if you have them!

Compacted Wool

Left side: Unfluffed

Right side: Fluffed


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