40 things I admire about my husband, the birthday boy

  1. He’s 110% passionate about his hobbies/interests.
  2. He gives good hugs.
  3. He cleans the house and puts things away while working from home.
  4. He doesn’t sit still for very long.
  5. He’s a social butterfly in any setting and makes it look simple.
  6. He loves craft beer, and folk and americana music.
  7. He likes to explore cities on a locals level.
  8. When he sets his mind on something, he achieves it.
  9. He’s a planner.
  10. He’ll eat almost anything I make and put in front of him.
  11. He enjoys spending time with close friends.
  12. He remembers things about past events and experiences that I don’t.
  13. He’s very resourceful.
  14. He’s a big supporter of my healthy, vegetarian cooking to the point he regularly posts pictures of dishes.
  15. He has an opinion.
  16. He’s a hard worker.
  17. He has blue eyes.
  18. He’s knowledgeable about many things from formula one racing to replacing brakes on a mountain bike.
  19. He makes a mean vegetarian biryani dish.
  20. He loves cats AND dogs.
  21. He does the majority of the driving when we travel.
  22. He likes Talenti Gelato almost as much as I do.
  23. He’s awesome at negotiating.
  24. He says “I love you” to our dog Rocky.
  25. He is vulnerable at times.
  26. He stands up for what he believes in.
  27. He’s a Boy Scout and Coast Guard veteran so he’s always prepared.
  28. He inspires others to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
  29. He knows how to let loose and have a good time.
  30. He has nice legs.
  31. He sometimes is thinking the same thing I’m thinking, and we’ve been doing this for years.
  32. He’s open to change to the point he rearranges my pantry weekly.
  33. When making a big purchase he does in depth research to ensure he’s getting the best value and a quality product.
  34. He’s not afraid to ask questions, and lots of them.
  35. He’s not afraid to speak his mind.
  36. He accepts the reality of the situation even if its not something he wants to hear.
  37. He drives like Speed Racer when necessary.
  38. He takes pictures often.
  39. He says “Yes dear” sometimes.
  40. He’s not afraid to try something new.

Happy 40th Birthday Jon!


2 Replies to “40 things I admire about my husband, the birthday boy”

  1. I love this! What a gift – for not only for Jon but for you. How often do we sit down and reflect on those we love and why we do love them? It’s not always because we married them or that we share a similar blood line :) So thoughtful, Michelle!

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