Friday Fun: The Vegan Challenge Week 4 – Not so Fluffy

This Sunday marks OUR LAST WEEK of The Vegan Challenge. Yippee! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this challenge. I knew eating out would be challenging. Preparing meals at home would be about the same since we already eat a vegetarian diet and eat vegan often. As of right now, I feel leaner – not so fluffy. But that could be because I’m trying to cut back on how much craft beer I drink. It’s a toss up. And I miss ice cream, yogurt and chocolate the most. Other than that I feel the same. I think becoming a vegetarian is more of a drastic transformation than vegan but we’re not done yet. What changes have you noticed?

If you’re asking yourself “What is The Vegan Challenge after all?” Check out the Week 1 post.

Here’s our Week 4 Vegan Menu.

Green Tomato Quinoa Burgers

Green Tomato Quinoa and Chipotle Pimento Cheese Burgers by Colorful Plates with Roasted Sweet Potato + Black Bean Salad by Blissful Bites. To make the pimento cheese vegan, use soy yogurt, vegan sour cream or mayonnaise, and vegan cheeses by Lisanatti Foods.

Spring Carrot, Radish and Quinoa Salad with Herbed Avocado by Cookie + Kate (use agave and skip the feta) with roasted red potatoes

steamed kale kidney beans rice and salad

Dark Kidney Beans, Roasted Broccoli and Brown Rice served with a side salad. This dish is inspired by my trip to the Prama Institute.



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