Camping = Planning Ahead for Meals


Cooking delicious meals while camping doesn’t have to be laborious or time consuming.

Well, at least not while you’re camping. Prepping food before you leave will make your time standing in front of your camping stove shorter allowing you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.

We have a four-night camping trip coming up very soon and being the planner that I am I put together our food menu. Many of the items can be made ahead like the trail mix, hummus wraps, falafel, pasta, curry/korma, burgers, and black beans and rice.

We have a ride planned for Saturday morning so I took that into account when planning Friday’s dinner and Saturday’s breakfast. We won’t have time to prepare lunch when we return so we’re going to hit up a food truck.

What are your favorite vegetarian and vegan meals to prepare when camping?

For more menu ideas, check out a recent post.


Day 1
Car Snacks – Trail mix, apple slices
Lunch – Hummus wraps
Dinner – Eat Out – Ethiopian

vegan tofu scramble

Day 2
Breakfast – Tofu scramble with chorizo, black beans, tomatoes, corn, cilantro with salsa verde
Lunch – Falafel, avocado, tomato, cucumber sandwiches
Dinner – Pasta with sun-dried tomato olives and butter bean salad, and dinner rolls

Day 3
Breakfast – Oatmeal with peanut butter
Lunch – Food Truck – Goatacado
Dinner – Curry/korma with basmati rice

Day 4
Breakfast – Pancakes with oranges and eggs
Lunch – Sweet potato and black bean burgers with roasted veggies and potato chips
Dinner – Black bean and rice tacos with guacamole and salsa

Day 5
Breakfast – Granola bars
Lunch – Eat Out
Car Snacks – Trail mix


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