Tour de Fleece Wrap-up and Louet on the Horizon

Tour de Fleece 2014 was as productive as a busy woman could expect. I started tdf2014 by spinning and plying some purple wool & mohair roving I purchased from The Needle Lady in Charlottesville, VA last summer. The fiber was challenging to spin since it had so many neps and vegetable matter in it. I managed to Macgyver my lazy kate from a two bobbin to a three bobbin kate. I three-plyed as much as I could before running out, then I moved on to a two-ply. I attempted to chain ply the remaining single, but it wasn’t pretty so I tossed it. I think I’ll gift this to someone who loves purple and knits, of course.

After a five-day trip to the Shenandoah Valley for the Red Wing Roots Music Festival, I started spinning the oh so colorful 4.5 oz self-striping bump from Frabjous Fibers. I picked up this bump from The Tail Spinner during this year’s Carolina FiberFest. I fell in love with the colors and the idea of self-striping before I realized how wonderful it would be to spin. It was like BUTTER! I have one more color change to work through before I’m completely done. I’m deciding what to ply it with. What do you think? Would a heather grey or white look better? I also have a lovely teal merino top my parents gave me for Christmas last year that I might use. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Once I have the bump spun and plied, I’m moving on to the 1.5 lbs of Louet stash I received. I foresee some spinning and dyeing coming up this fall. Stay tuned for details as I explore dyeing with Gaywool.


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