32 Foods I’ve made from scratch

About three years ago I started making more of what we eat from scratch. I’ve made pie crust and bread from scratch since high school, but I had never explored peanut butter, granola bars or barbecue sauce. I started simple with jams and jellies, salad dressing and salsa. Then I tried peanut butter and hummus. And once I figured out quite a bit of the stuff we buy in the middle isles at the grocery store can be made from scratch I just kept trying to make more things. Of course I don’t make all of the items listed below frequently but I can say I’ve made them.

I encourage you to start small with salad dressings or pesto and branch out from there. Try new things. Have fun and above all eat healthy goodness.

  1. Yogurt
  2. Peanut butter
  3. Jam/jelly
  4. Pie crust
  5. Tortilla chips
  6. Tortillas
  7. Salsa
  8. Bread
  9. Mayonnaise
  10. Barbecue sauce
  11. Ketchup
  12. Pasta sauce
  13. Taco seasoning
  14. Curry sauce
  15. Salad dressing
  16. Hummus
  17. Olive tapenade
  18. Granola bars
  19. Trail mix
  20. Oatmeal
  21. Bread crumbs
  22. Lemonade
  23. French fries
  24. Pizza sauce
  25. Gnocchi
  26. Pesto
  27. Guacamole
  28. Vegetable stock
  29. Vanilla extract
  30. Pretzels
  31. Pimento cheese
  32. Dill pickles

I’m sure I could add a few more to this list by end of year.

What do you make from scratch that isn’t on this list? Please do share.


3 Replies to “32 Foods I’ve made from scratch”

  1. I have made a good few off the list, but that aren’t on the list, I have made Greek Yogurt..same as yogurt really, just drained, and I have made Zucchini relish which is my moms specialty…really I’m just bumming her recipe but still! Also applesauce and pearsauce. I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm with super do-it yourself parents , my mom used to make cheese all the time, first from cows milk, then goats milk. I find homemade goats cheese so much better..it doesn’t have that ”Buck” taste to it!!

  2. Thanks for the mention and reblog. Starting small makes it easier to transition into making more complicated things not as daunting.

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