I’m late to the game.

Appalachian Trail

I’m late to the game on this one. Bucket List. Here’s what I came up with for now:

Hike the Appalachian Trail.

Not necessarily all at once but breaking it into smaller sections.

Write a book.

I enjoy writing and I like to share what I’ve learned. I’m sure there’s a book idea out there somewhere for me to pursue.

Live abroad.

Surrounding oneself in local culture has always been a goal of mine when I travel. Why not do it for an extended period of time?

Speak Spanish fluently.

I speak muy pequeno Spanish right now.

Get published.

This goes back to “write a book”. Or it could be an article or a pattern.

Be self-employed.

I have so many creative ideas. I just need to make one of them happen.

Travel far and often.

Where to begin? Any other continent outside of North America.

Road trip across the US.

I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon or stood in four states at the same time or driven on route 66.

What’s missing from my list? Any must dos you recommend?




2 Replies to “I’m late to the game.”

  1. Ohh I just made a bucket list too, although it doesn’t look as orderly as yours lol. Heres a suggestion for your ”where to begin?” In traveling far and wide : Cliffs of Moher in Ireland (forgot to add that to mine), Visit Gent, Belgium (pretty much any vegetarian/vegan foodies paradise..soooo many choices of veggie places to eat!!and not just veggie/vegan, but also organic). Goodluck with your bucket list, check mine out too if you like! :) http://shannoneke.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/bucket-list/

  2. You have lots of time for the Appalachian Trail. My cousin did it when he was in his 60’s. All at once from Georgia to Maine. He’s also hiked the Pacific Rim Trail and bicycled from Washington state to Maine. Another suggestion on getting published, have you thought of writing a children’s book?

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