Today marks the completion of my first weekend in yoga teacher training. Wow what an experience. The weekend was exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time. Friday evening started off quietly and by Sunday we were pretty much all good friends. We had laughed together, probably shed a tear or two together, definitely sweated together and meditated together.

I have wanted to become certified pretty much ever since I experienced yoga taught by Jill and Carrington from Blue Lotus. In previous years, the timing never worked out. I either didn’t have the financial means or my work was so demanding I couldn’t have imagined leaving all of that behind for eight long weekends. Fast forward to now and magically both time and funds landed in my lap so I eagerly signed up with Hot Asana.

Hot Asana’s training is led by Virginia Gallagher and Angela Hsu. The training takes place over the course of eight long weekends starting in July and ending in January. Three days each weekend are spent dissecting poses, cueing each other, discussing philosophy, structuring classes and so on. The endless amount of information Virginia and Angela drop on you in a given weekend is impressive. I had questions I so badly wanted to ask but knew we were laying the groundwork and will get into the juicy details later. Eager to apply everything we learn, we worked hard through each practice making adjustments to the tiniest of things.

During Sunday’s practice, Virginia asked us three questions:

Who am I?

What do I want?

What is my dharma*?

These are questions I’m looking forward to answering each day as I meditate until our next long weekend together.

And one more question for you… what brings you to your mat?

*dharma means purpose






One Reply to “#YTT2016”

  1. Hurray! What a gift to see a dream come into fruition. I look forward to watching your journey unfold and eager to hear the answers to the questions: who you are; what you do want; and what is your purpose.

    What brings me to the mat? The cry for needed focus and contemplation. The yearn to feel myself stretch – physically, mentally, spiritually. The desire to give and receive energy back into the universe.

    Reading this post and reflecting on that question makes me want to be on the mat right now!

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