Yoga teacher training has exceeded my expectations. I had a pretty good idea that we would learn correct alignment and cueing. Sequencing, anatomy and philosophy were also in the mix. And I believed it would be a seven month journey of self study or what I had always heard of as transformation.

We’ve completed five out of the eight weekends. We’ve covered so much information, and there is more to learn. Let me repeat that, with yoga and with life there’s always more to learn. But what has been most valuable to me is the self study. I don’t necessarily want to call it yoga therapy for the fear that therapy gets a bad rap, but that’s exactly what it is.

The more I learn about the eight limbs that make up yoga, the more I want to know. Not just about yoga but myself. To truly understand who am I, what do I want, and what is my purpose, would be an amazing gift to myself. During our weekends together we’re constantly reminded the path to get there, is sitting quietly each day.

Sitting quietly allows the snow globe effect of the mind to settle and for one to drop into what truly matters. You. Allowing yourself to process the thoughts, emotions, sensations in the body, will help you towards a happy, healthier and better you.

Now, I haven’t necessarily been consistent in my sitting. But I try, and I know when I haven’t sat quietly in a day or so because I can feel the clutter of my mind build up again. So I encourage myself and you to find five minutes each day to sit quietly. Do it for yourself. You’ll be better for it.


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