The soul doesn’t know a thing about deadlines.

I have always considered myself a ‘late-bloomer’ but this post by Jeff Brown puts that judgement in doubt.


Up until recently, I used societal norms as lifetime goals or achievement awards. Getting married, landing a well-paying job, owning a house and having a family were the main ones. Sound familiar?

I landed the job when I was 29. I had the house by the time I turned 30. I married my husband by the age of 31. And then the ‘family’ thing was next. But when the ‘family’ never made an appearance I started to question my goals. Where they truly mine? No. But I believed they were.

Since then I have been slowly peeling away the layers of societal norms to reveal my purpose and how I truly want to feel as I meander down my path. Yesterday, I created a visual representation of that path. Gentle reminders to do what I love and to do what makes me happy. What does it all mean? I’m focusing my energy towards freedom via outdoor adventures, all forms of self-expression and most importantly…LOVE.


A big thanks to Angela at Hot Asana for sharing her journey during yesterday’s “Manifesting Shift” practice and encouraging us to make space for the things we love. To put energy into what is most important to us. And to not base our goals on societal norms but rather on how we want to FEEL deep down.

Thankfully, the “soul doesn’t know a thing about deadlines” so that must mean I’m exactly where I need to be right now.




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