As a dancer and choreographer, yoga was always one of those movement arts Michelle was somewhat aware of but had never tried. The first time she was invited to Om she gracefully declined. The next time Michelle experienced yoga was right before going on stage when the choreographer led the dancers through a series of sun salutations. In that moment, it struck her that she had never felt so calm and strongly connected to the surrounding cast members before.

Fast forward to just a few years ago when Michelle returned to yoga while struggling with a life-changing event. During those difficult times, the healing powers of the asana and meditation practices brought her a sense of inner peace, understanding of self, and acceptance of situations outside of her control.

Joseph Campbell’s words resonated with Michelle then as they do now…

“We must be willing to give up the life we planned to live the life we are given.”

Going into yoga teacher training with Hot Asana Yoga University, she had no expectations beyond wanting to gain a better understanding of the eight-limbed path. She graduated with the desire to share the healing effects of yoga with anyone willing to roll out a mat and share their practice with her. She strives to create inviting, accessible and fun classes with the hope students will step off their mats feeling refreshed, calm and a sense of bliss.